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Schools, childcare, and scouting

It’s our mission to give as many children as possible the opportunity to climb. It’s a sport that’s accessible to everyone, both mentally and physically. You can always find a way to climb around any limitations. It’s a “cool” sport that is perfect for developing self confidence and resilience.

That’s why we have a special deal for groups of kids from schools, after school care, and scout clubs.

These bouldering lessons are suitable for kids from 8 years old. The structure and content of the lessons will be tailored to suit the need of each group, based on age and other requirements.


 Price per student
10 students€ 12,50
11 - 25 students€ 11,50
26 - 50 students€ 11,-
51 or more students€ 10,-
Prices are including the rental costs of climbing shoes. 

You can book a group lesson for students by sending us an email at