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What is bouldering?

Image taken during Boulders & Beats

Bouldering is the BEST sport (in our humble and unbiased opinion, of course).

Bouldering is a climbing sport, but unlike its cousin sport-climbing (which is done with a rope), bouldering routes are very short. There are thick mats under all the walls, so you can always safely jump or fall off the wall, and no ropes are required.

Bouldering routes are a combination of strength and technique, and every boulder is its own unique puzzle.

The social aspect is a huge part of bouldering, and solving a puzzle together with other climbers is a lot of fun! You figure out the best way to climb the route, cheer each other on, and end the session by grabbing a drink at our bar.

At Walhalla we have a colour grading system, with 9 colours. Each colour represents a certain difficulty level. To keep it exciting and challenging, we build new routes every week, so there are always new routes to climb!